Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Angel in Disguise

Define a true engineer?

If you ask me; getting the degree alone doesn’t qualify you as one…

Nopes…for that you need to

  • Experience ragging from both the ends,
  • Bunk classes (after teacher took attendance),
  • Stay in cracker factory – The College Hostel,
  • Open the text book, only the day before exam,
  • Fall in love…. No, strike out the last one...... change it to have one-way-line (infatuations ;)
  • And on the top of everything; the one and only “SUPLEE” – or to fail a subject

Why Suplee??coz it gives you plethora of emotions….its like a trailer to life

The Agony

The long walk to the University Notice board…. Even though Sino have already informed about the catastrophe… still wanted to see it

The bud of Romance

Opportunists lent a caring shoulder for the fairer sex to cry…….

The Importance of Prioritising

What is important - studying for Suplee or practising for university gaming competition……

Jingan: "At least I can write Suplee next year"

Stress handling

Jpk: “Oh my God, I have to clear 4 exams in 5 days L

Out-of-the-Box thinking

Jpk: da there is no need to study for Graphics lab; I will hack the system and copy the answers through network”

Child: talle evan puli tanne"

D-Day management

Jpk: hmm… I will study 1 module, One Aneesh will teach me, take thundu* for another, the fourth I will copy from Konu.”

Child: da, what about the last module?????”

Jpk: ”hair, why the hell there are 5 modules… £$@€$”**

And finally the Joy…..

Clearing “Engineering Graphics” at the first attempt is normal; the second time a relief; but doing so at the third attempt – now that is beyond words (Konu will vouch for it)

The point is if you haven’t experienced any of these, how you can call your self an Engineer…………

So, considering the fact that senior members of Malakeel house have gone great length to make their elder son an Engineer; how can yours truly ignore it…. No way, predictably I got a Suplee***

(Quit smirking)

Finally the Exam day came (again) and I was off to clear it.

Sleep deprived, anticipating the doom, I went alone to the exam centre. Took the bus, got down at NGO Quarters buss-stop and started walking. Along the way, I casually glanced at Vimala Girls Hostel (ok….not casually; more like a reflex). There coming from the gates, the Protagonist, hence forth referred to as AngelD (Angel in Disguise)

AngelD (ever smiling): "Pathro, Good morning"

Me: "Don’t think it is thaaaat good….."

Now you might wonder if AngelD is a true engineer…. Sadly she is not. The poor girl cleared all her subjects the first attempt …. She was my junior and so I got to write it the same day with her….

AngelD: "Howz your preparations?"

Me: "If the question paper asks only from the first two modules; there is a 50% chance of me clearing it L"

AngelD: "oohhh!!!!"

Contrary to almost all the girls I know, she didn’t spend the last 2 hours going through the textbook; to revise one last time…. The unselfish and caring soul spend that time teaching yours truly; She made me go through the notes, asked me questions, corrected me.……have to say she did one good job, and some how I got through…

To Leena, my dearest Sis,

This post is dedicated to you……..Happy Birthday

I pray that you have a great day and rocking year …..

*thundu – a small note, that you hide (creatively) and bring it to light during the exam….

**None the less JPK, actually wrote 4 exams in 5 days and cleared everyone of them…..

***Since I loved the experience; did it again….and again… ;)


lee said...

Thank you really nice of you.... put the one where you got to be my best man too :)

Pathro said...

Thanks Leena :)
will add that story soon....