Monday, September 21, 2009

Daddy Cool.......

This happened when I had eaten around 12 ona sadyas*

It was a special time. Papa got his first car. Our first car... man, weren’t we (brothers) proud. It was as if we owned the whole Kochi kadapuram (beach)... the sibling rivalry at that time was to sit in the front seat of the car...the rivalry would normally end with both of us thrown into the back seat...

And the car... it was a 1979-model Ambassador.... it was in Majestic white and taller than the tallest Santroz of today...For those motor unenthusiastic "Ambassador" is the India's (80's) answer to Porsche Coupe...

To prove my point, notice the Porsche 356 Coupe (1960) and Ambassador side by side

There are lot of fond memories in that car,

from learning to steer (by sitting beside papa and handling the steering),

from the time when papa drove the car so fast that the "Learners" board (tied to the bonnet) flew away

(never seen mama praying "Swarga Shakthanaya Pitavee" with such zeal)**,

and the car's unbelievable accuracy in breaking down if stopped at Kottayam (I swear whenever the car was stopped at Kottayam, it will not start again........we were convinced that it was beyond coincidence and always drove through Kottayam without stopping - however hungry or however strong the Nature's call was)

Well coming back to the story, it was a Sunday morning and we were going to Church for mass(Yes, hypocrites, I do go to Sunday Mass...). Kurian uncle and Geetha aunty, our neighbours, were with us. Kurian uncle and papa were in the front. Mama predictably, was singing "Anpudayoone Nin vaatil" (Devotional song)... to be read as the mood was very devotional.

Suddenly, While we were near Kaloor bus stand, one drunk dude in a cycle materialized in front of the car (Only in God's own country you will find people enjoying a bottle or two in a Sunday morning). It was papa's good reflex that averted an imminent crash. But no, this is not the reason why I named the blog "Daddy Cool" but what happened later.

Papa got out of the car, and to the amazement of everyone, started verbally thrashing the poor drunk..... in about 5 seconds half a dozen new words were added to my vocabulary. My bro's eyes showed astonishment and we both were grinning ear to ear. Kurian uncle was unembarrassed .... but Mama and Geetha aunty started sitting lower and lower..... To us brothers, papa was dashing than Suresh Gopi (popular movie star)........

In the end, finding it’s of no use, papa started the engine, mama and Geetha aunty got to sit normally, we brothers started discussing the new words (and guessing their meanings). And the poor dude, who felt that his whole morning drinking has been wasted, went back to the shaap (local Bar).

*Means I was 12 years old ;)

**Getting the car was in many ways mama's nightmare, coz to the men from Malakeel house going below 60km/hr is unfathomable.


Anonymous said...

So now(in present)you(u n ur bro) must have known the meaning of those words.:)


Pathro said...

yes.... our vocabulary is improved now ;D

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